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Who we are . . . the people in the organisation


THE Leighton Hospital League of Friends is a group of people from the local community who work for the benefit of patients and staff in Leighton Hospital. There are currently 20 members but we would always welcome more.   

    The League was founded in 1973 shortly after the hospital was opened - so we celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2013.


anniversary cake

This picture was taken when we marked 30 years existence in June 2003.


THE main objective of the League is to raise money for the purchase of equipment and comforts for the benefit of patients and staff at the hospital. 

   This helps to bring the most advanced methods of treatment available into the Mid-Cheshire Hospitals

Trust and benefits local people and other patients using the Trustís services. 

   Since the League was formed, we have raised more than £1.65million for projects throughout the hospital. 

    Our donations for the past five years alone totalled £341,793.78. This was made up of: March 2010, £93,313.00; March 2011, £68,551.16; March 2012, £23,935.33; March 2013, £31,274.55; and March 2014, £124,719.74. There was a moratorium on spending for six months in 2011 - 2012 while we waited for outstanding invoices.

   Spending for the first six months of this financial year has been £140,000.

   As a result of our fund raising, many items of equipment and services have been provided. For details of the funds click here.

   How do we decide what to donate to the departments? We receive applications for funding from  the various departments.

   After checking with the hospital Trust to ensure that the requested item fits in with the corporate plans, the funding request is considered at the Members' Meeting.   


A sign by the bus stands, near to the entrance to the Out Patients Department, tells of the League's achievement in raising funds during the past 40 years or so. This figure has since increased to £1.65million.


Update: As with all organisations, personnel change over time. In our case, the former Chairman, Peter Andrews, has been succeeded by Janet Farrell. Peter remains a member of the League of Friends.

   The articles are accurate as at the date included in them. Updates have been added where appropriate.


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