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THE Leighton Hospital League of Friends has approximately 14 members from the local community who raise funds for the benefit of patients and staff.

   The League, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in June 2023, supports the hospitals of the Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Leighton Hospital; Victoria Infirmary, Northwich; and Elmhurst Intermediate Care Centre, Winsford.


  At the end of the financial year 2016/2017, the League reached the landmark amount of 2million raised. 


   This amount has been raised exclusively for the Trust and spent on projects agreed with the Trust.  

   The League has run the hospital shop for 35 years, moving into new premises created as part of the Main Entrance Refurbishment Scheme in September 2014.

   There, we highlighted a Baby Wear Section which has been well received by mothers, grandmothers, relatives and friends.

   The hand-made items are produced by 25 voluntary knitters who are provided with wool and give their services free-of-charge to produce the baby items on a regular basis.



Some of our donations

OUR first donations were made in 1973.

   We make donations every March which include the following:

2010, 93,313.00

 2011, 68,551.16

 2012, 23,935.33

 2013, 31,274.55

2014, 124,719.74

2015, 128,590.74

2016, 83,947,89

2017, 66,633.10

2018, 57,797.94

2019, 115, 206.24

Differences that appear on our web pages  

AS with all organisations, personnel change over time.

   The former Chairman, Peter Andrews, was succeeded by Janet Farrell and remained a member of the League of Friends until his death in May 2020.


   That is why he is described as the Chairman on some web pages. He held the post at the time of the event happening. The articles are accurate as at the date included in them. Pages have been updated.


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