What we do to help the work of the hospital

WE raise money in various ways such as coffee mornings and table top sales and we have a shop in the main entrance, patronised by hospital visitors, patients and hospital staff. Money also comes from members’ subscriptions, donations and legacies.



   The National Health Service is always short of money. When the Trust identifies a need that cannot be funded from local budgets they outline their needs to the Committee of the League who decide whether or not to finance that requirement.

What our work is all about . . . Leighton Hospital from the air.

Photograph by courtesy of The Chronicle


  areial view of hospital

As well as fundraising, the League also provides the following services:

  • A well-stocked hospital shop for patients, staff and visitors in the Main Entrance Hall. This has been trading for more that 30 years and is the major fundraiser with all the profits going directly into funding projects. (See The Shop page)

  • A Trolley Shop providing a daily service to the wards of newspapers, confectionery and other sundry items.

  • A weekly library service to all wards.


The League’s members benefit the hospital by:

  • Supporting its work

  • Encouraging people to give their time in voluntary work within the hospital.

  • Creating a link between the hospital and the community it serves.

  • Raising money by encouraging the public to see the vital need in what we do in providing funds to supplement the Trust's resources.

  • Spending all that we raise in providing items for the benefit and welfare of the patients and staff.

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