AS you walk in through the main entrance to the hospital, look to the left and you will see our shop.

   Just the place to buy a snack for yourself, or the favourite chocolates of the patient you are visiting.

   If your destination is the children's ward look in the cabinet near the outer wall of the shop for a cuddly toy that will lift any spirits.

   Perhaps you want a Get Well card for the patient you are visiting. We can help there, too. We have a range of cards for sale. 

   We now stock baby items hand-made by members and friends of the League of Friends. Our thanks go to all involved in producing these.

   The shop, provided in the 2014 refurbishment of the hospital, is one of the ways that the League raises money in order to be able to make donations to special causes or provide equipment for a number of departments in the hospital.

   Every sale in the shop helps us to make our donations.

   We have run a shop at the hospital for 47 years. It was behind the main Reception desk until 2014 when we moved across the entrance hall to our new site,

   To mark the milestone we held a promotion in the previous hospital shop. We gave a bottle of still spring water free with every sandwich bought between May 15 and June 12, 2013.

   The dates were anniversaries of the opening of the shop in 1983 and the launch of the League of Friends in 1973.

    The shop is run on a business basis and all the staff are paid. The volunteers and fund-raisers are, of course, not paid.


More images from the shop

How we raise funds in our hospital shop

Greetings cards are among our stock items

  A flashback to the former shop


Pictured left are staff members stacking the shelves in the previous League of Friends shop.

 Picture by our Shop Manager, Juliet Metcalfe


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