1,000 donation for latest phase of medical project







League of Friends' Trustees and members of the hospital shop staff present the cheque to Mr Hanafy


Picture: Lorraine Gray,

Mid Cheshire Hospital Trust

THE League is very happy to be involved with the seventh mission to support a hospital in Ghana, and has presented 1,000 from the funds we have raised.

   We presented a cheque to Mr Magdi Hanafy - a consultant surgeon at the hospital and the force behind Leighton's involvement with 'Operation Hernia' - in March 2012.

   We were involved with some of the earlier projects and have organised regular raffles to support the cause.

  The hernia initiative involves several hospitals in the UK and an increasing number of procedures are being carried out in Ghana each year.

   The staff in the League of Friends' hospital shop in


the main reception hall of the hospital are currently running a raffle to help to support the cause.


THE sixth mission involved seven members of staff from Leighton, headed up by Mr Hanafy, who were joined by staff from Northampton, Hampshire and Ghana.

   The Leighton staff collected and packed 40 boxes filled with donated and purchased medical equipment to take out to Ghana with them - the year before they took only 25 boxes. There was a great deal of support for the team with both donations and equipment.

   When they arrived at Ghana they inaugurated the third operating theatre and started to operate on their


first day there. They had a rota that, along with the nurses, they rotated between each theatre, seeing out-patients and visiting the villages.  

   The conclusion of this mission was that this was yet another "life-changing experience". The life of both providers and recipients of care will never be the same again.

   The waiting lists of patients for 2013 and 2014 procedures were already full.

   Procedures carried out in previous years were: 2009, 191; 2010, 206; and 2011, 280.


Janet Farrell, Chairman


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