Family says 'Thank you' with a cheque

a family's gift



Sister Sian Axon (centre) receives the cheque from members of Mrs Tomkinson's family. Also pictured are (left to right) Linda Edwards, Voluntary Services Manager; ICU staff, including Dr Z Damani, Angela Hulse and Tina Horsfield;  members of Mrs Tomkinson's family, Christine Bowker (granddaughter), Stephanie Bowker (daughter) and Paul Tomkinson (son); and former League of Friends Chairman, Peter Andrews.

ROSE Tomkinson, a supporter of Leighton Hospital and the League of Friends for more than 30 years, had to spend time in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit.

   Sadly, she died but as a thank-you for the care and attention she received her family presented a cheque for 902 to the Intensive Care Unit. 


   Paul Tomkinson, her son, said that the family had experienced the care and welfare to both patients and families first-hand. They were so thankful to the staff for the moral support that they gave, and decided to make a presentation to the hospital.

    Mr Tomkinson said that hopefully the money would


go some way to repaying their gratitude.

   Sister Sian Axon, of the Intensive Care Unit, said: "The staff are very appreciative of the donation. The money will help us to maintain and improve the standards of care that we currently offer". 

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