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Agreed Funding Projects

THE following amounts are Agreed Funding Projects for various departments in Leighton Hospital from funds raised by the League of Friends in the 12 months from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016. We are grateful to anyone who helped us to raise the money.    

Toshiba laptop with Microsoft software licence Cardiac Rehabilitation 1,016.00

Four 24-inch Bush LED televisions

and four tilt wall brackets

Ward 21B 619.96
Capillary blood gas machine (to which the ward contributed) Ward 7 3,619.00
Three Baroque chairs Ward 9 547.26
Parent chair beds Child and Adolescent Unit 13,425.00
Four Rymo weighted chairs; weighted coffee table; 12 melamine plates; 12 melamine mugs Accident and Emergency Department 1,912.78
Olympus scope guide Endoscopy Unit - 5th Endoscopy Room 10,000.00

20 visitors' chairs and five Perry high-back

patient chairs

Ward 18 2,783.76
Medfusion pump Medical Imaging 2,040.00
Clearway cough assistor Ward 5 (Emergency Care) 4,170.00
Donation towards final phase of Therapy Garden Therapies Department 5,000.00
Seating for relatives' room and staff room Medical Assessment Unit 1,570.60

Two tympanic thermometers plus

two vital signs monitors

Ward 12 2,156.66

Otometrics oscilla - portable diagnostic

Medfusion pump

Audiology 1,195.00
Six Willbeck dining chairs Elmhurst Intermediate Care Centre 900.00
Storage units for Resuscitation Unit Accident and Emergency Department 4,435.31
Two sensor sets and bleep Ward 15 1,149.52
One row of three chairs with table; two rows of four chairs (without table); and Bariatric chair Cardio-Respiratory Unit 1,607.51
Key pieces of equipment to provide a safer, cleaner environment Physiotherapy Department 1,103.05
Key pieces of equipment to provide a safer environment for Amputee Rehabilitation Service Physiotherapy Department 2,030.35
Eight Dalton high-backed armchairs Ward 10 1,708.80
One sofa and two chairs for Relatives' Room; two coffee tables and six chairs for the Day Room; 20 Visitors'chairs Surgical Admissions unit 3,498.12
Three daily newspapers for patients' use; three weekly magazines for patients' use Acute Care unit 107.60
Urology folders Michael Heal Unit 5,262.00
Three all-round trolleys. Eye Care Centre 517.14.
Chairs for waiting area. Eye Care Centre 2,500
Two leather effect sofa beds, plus 6.95 delivery Ward 6 406.93
Donation towards rehabilitation of garden area (which cost 6,000). Urology Outpatients 1,000.00
Funding of 12 entertainment sessions for children from The POD Charitable Trust. *See footnote Child and Adolescent Unit 600.00
Distraction equipment for Paediatric Bay: 1 Solar 100 LED projector; one wheel rotator; 1 safari effect wheel; 1 tropical fish wheel; and one fluffy animal wheel Accident and Emergency Department 450.00
One M-93 Leighton resuscitation trolley Ward 10 1,255.20
Two blood pressure monitors Ward 13 1,864.50
Daily provision of newspapers for patients' use Treatment Centre and Discharge Lounge 660.71

Total:    66,633.10

* Footnote: POD is a charity that provides 12 sessions of entertainment for 600 a year.  This is provided monthly for the Child and Adolescent Unit, giving sessions that the children love. Visit for more details.


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