Money we have raised

Agreed Funding Projects

THE following amounts are Agreed Funding Projects for various departments in Leighton Hospital from funds raised by the League of Friends in the 12 months from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015. We are grateful to anyone who helped us to raise the money.    

Patients' chairs and observation machine Medical Assessment Unit 3,061.10

Patient sensor alarm system

Ward 15

Three wheelchairs Medical Assessment Unit 1,533.15

Vivid echo machine

Cardiology Unit 83,300.00
Lumbar puncture, babies Women, Children and Sexual Health 2,553.54
75 fixed chairs and tables Main Out-Patient hall  5,125.66
20-inch LED TV / DVD Main Theatres 119.00
20 Teddy Bears for Christmas Day births Labour Ward 122.40

Children's award stickers

Medical Imaging 205.00
Electric shop trolley League's Shop for ward trolley round 3,500.00
Bladder scanner plus carriage Ward 4 7,271.96
Two tympanic thermometers, plus carriage Ward 4 289.90
Patient sensor alarm system, plus carriage Ward 9 849.99
Ward fridge Ward 5 200.00
Five patients' tables Ward 5 1,250.00
Six bedside lockers Ward 5 1,320.00
Abbotts diagnostic blood glucose machine Ward 18 427.00
Hindray observation machine Ward 18 875.00
POD entertainment sessions. *(See footnote) Paedriatric Unit 600.00
Sara steady patient hoist Ward 14 3,500.00
Two tympanic thermometers Ward 14 500.00
Observation machine Ward 14 1,000.00

Bladder scanner

Ward 14 8,000.00

Daily provision of newspapers

Treatment Centre and Discharge Lounge


Total:    128,590.74

* Footnote: POD is a charity that provides 12 sessions of entertainment for 600 a year.  This is provided monthly for the Child and Adolescent Unit, giving sessions that the children love. Visit for more details.


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