Money we have raised

Agreed Funding Projects

THE following amounts are Agreed Funding Projects for various departments in Leighton Hospital from funds raised by the League of Friends in the 12 months from April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014. We are grateful to anyone who helped us to raise the money.    

1 sets of curtains Ward 2 4,195.16 (to add to 1,000 raised by ward)

Wall-mounted 32 Toshiba television plus bracket

Eye Care Centre

Annual donation to Therapeutic Services British Red Cross 500.00

Intra-operative cell salvage machine

(including staff training)

Labour Ward 21,660.00
Six patient case note trolleys Treatment Centre 1,458.00
Window blinds Ward 15  2,694.48
Gynaecological treatment couch Sexual Health - Victoria Infirmary, Northwich 3,680.00
Donation to cover the cost of eight patient chairs and 12 drip stands from Ward Wish List Medical Admissions Unit 2,240.00

4,000 orthopaedic pre-operative

assessment folders

Orthopaedic Pre-Operative Assessment 1.029.60
Six chairs for Pathology staff room Pathology Department 908.28
Re-visit Medical Admission Unit Wish List Remaining items - donation 7,000.00
Bladder scanner Ward 9 7,246.96
Six teddy bears for Christmas Day births Labour Ward 30.00
Teddy bears Bereavement Room - Maternity 10.00
POD - Entertainment sessions Paediatric Unit 600.00
Daily provision of newspapers Treatment Centre and Discharge Lounge 441.00
Patient sit-on weighing scales Ward 12 700.00
Combined paediatric / adult resuscitation trolley Ward 12 995.85
Bladder scanner Ward 13 7,246.96
Bed curtains - for ward refurbishment Ward 23 3,791.74
Six mild steel weighted base 4-hook infusion stand A & E 660.00
Six Sanday premium high-back patient chairs A & E 2,371.20

Ultrasound scan machine for out-patient

obstetrics and general use

Victoria Infirmary, Northwich 55,000.00

Total:    124,719.74


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