Money we have raised

Agreed Funding Projects

THE following amounts are Agreed Funding Projects for various departments in Leighton Hospital from funds raised by the League of Friends in the 12 months from April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012. We are grateful to anyone who helped us to raise the money.    

Paediatric distraction equipment Medical Imaging 168.00
Warfarin analysis machine  Accident and Emergency 700.00
Portable nebuliser Child and Adolescent Unit  593.00
Three Coagucheck analysers Pathology 3,500
Patient information folders Orthopaedics 1,065.00
10 drip stands  Surgical Assessment Unit 950.00 
Two bariatric chairs Physiotherapy 1,094.34
 Healthcare Exposition Post-Graduate Medical Centre 500.00 
 12-lead ECG machine Theatres 2,046.00
 Rehab angel Physiotherapy 330.00
Pager system Eye Care Centre 1,188.00
Pager system Victoria Infirmary, Northwich 1,188.00
Rik fluid operating table mattress Theatres 3,510.00
POD entertainers Child and Adolescent Unit  600.00
Newspapers Various areas 420.00

Operation Gambia


Christmas teddy bears

Maternity Unit 35.99 

Bird respirator and mount

Physiotherapy 5,022.00
Therapeutic care massage creams British Red Cross 500

Total:  23,935.33 


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